CLIPSO® believes that good acoustic design and good visual design should go hand in hand, as both provide a source of comfort and well-being. The acoustic performance of a space can be greatly enhanced by using the right acoustic materials in your design. 

Acoustic Coverings 

CLIPSO® ceiling and wall coverings provide high-end visual and acoustic solutions for any interior space. CLIPSO 495 D and 705 A Acoustic coverings are highly micro-perforated which allows for a high level of acoustic performance. When combined with an acoustical batting, NRC’s (Noise Reduction Coefficients) can reach 1.05. Like all CLIPSO coverings, the polyurethane coating on the micro-perforated polyester knit is very durable and washable. 

The Acoustic 495 D covering can be coated with stock or custom colors, or printed with high-resolution digital, stock or custom images. Ceiling tiles, or cloud-like effects, can be created to enhance both design and acoustic properties. CLIPSO Acoustic wide-span coverings come in various widths with rolls ranging from 6’6” to 16’8” wide by 164′ long. CLIPSO Acoustic 495 D coverings are available in three standard colors: White, Beige and Black. In addition, there is an Acoustic Color 495 AC palette of 20 subtle earth tones, as well as an Acoustic Translucent 495 AT covering available in Translucent White.

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