Easy light system in Canada

Easy Light System


Interior design is so much more than just the colors or the materials being used, the location of the cupboard  or decorative accessories. It is also the play of light and shades and the visual and functional characteristics of the ceilings and walls. 




Profile for Easy light system

1) integrate additional or main light source in the ceiling - with visually elegant result,

2) easily change the location of the lamps and avoid costly construction investments,

3) use a wide variety of different lamps at the same time or change them occasionally.

A building, a home, an office or other meaningful place can be turned into an engaging and functional spaces, by using impressive ceiling solutions, that we in Spaceiling most definitely can create for You! Ceilings play a key role in how we feel ourselves in the room and how we interact with the environment. And for most certainly ceilings can impact Your health and wellbeing. 

Funnel light

Easy Light profile is specially designed for interiors, where there is a need to change the additional lighting in the space. For example in a store, art gallery, in the office, exhibition center or other public but also private buildings. The profile system makes it possible to avoid costly construction investments and most of all, it saves You the precious time. From now on, there is a possibility to change the light, just when it feels right! It is just as simple and cost effective as it can get. Enjoy the interior design innovation. 

The result is 100% stable, esthetically enjoyable and amazes the installers aswell as the customers.