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Spaceiling® is a specialized and certified company in stretch ceiling (suspending ceiling system).

Our collection includes unique designs with more than 100 colours, 7 different textures - matt, satin, traditional, metal, lacquer, fabric and translucent for background lighting, and a vast variety of printed images.

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Stretch ceilings are manufactured from a high quality PVC film.

 The film is available in wide range of colours and textures which comes in glossy, matt and satin. 

Stretch ceilings are also safe to use in rooms with high humidity,  film is moisture-resistant and allergy-free. Under the influence of moisture stretch ceilings dimensions do not change.

Our products can usually be installed in less than a day, thus avoiding all the inconveniences of a ceiling renovation (furniture moving, required time for paint to dry, odor, sanding and dust, etc.). This is especially interesting for businesses, clinics or industries that can’t stop their operations for an extended period of time. The finish and durability of stretch ceilings is not to be proven anymore. It is not uncommon to see ceilings installed in Europe for over 20 years and and never needed maintenance yet.

In addition to its easy installation, recessed pod lights, fixtures, climate control vents, sprinkler systems, LED lighting can also be seamlessly integrated for a distinctive design effect. Our stretch ceilings only use about 1/2 inch in height which is very advantageous. This is perfect for basements and rooms with low ceilings.

Stretch ceilings are ideal to replace old textured plaster ceilings that was popular a few decades ago. Re-smoothing such ceiling is very long (drying time), very dusty (sanding) And very expensive (smoothing, sanding and painting). Done in one day, without dust and with amazing results. No sanding trace, no brush strokes, the result is perfect.

If you think your place is not standard or looks complicated to you. Or maybe have some ceiling issues (mold, crack, texture). We can help you with your complicated and damage ceilings. We can help  you create harmony and happiness. 


environmentally friendly

The entire range of SpaCeiling® coverings is labelled A+, the best score in terms of the level of VOCs (or volatile organic compounds) emitted by SpaCeiling coverings. This has been in effect for construction and decorative products 

environmentally friendly

Popcorn ceiling are very dirty and dusty. Over the years popcorn ceilings collect dust and dirt and they're no way to really clean it.

Painting over it doesn't clean it either, it helps it helps trap dirt in and starts building more and  ruins the ceiling.

The dust that collects can be inhaled by the inhabitants, causing health problems. Because the material these ceilings are made from is very fragile, every time it is disturbed, small particles are released in to the air. This is not only health threat, but can get your floors dirty as well

The only way to clean popcorn or knockdown ceilings is to remove nor seal them you're replacing it with something that's not going to collect dust. So you're taking porous surface and turning in to a smooth, clean surface. Easy way to reach that goal is go with stretch ceiling by SpaCeiling®. Our product is 0 emission, environmentally friendly, moist and mold resistance standards.

environmentally friendly

Our partnership demonstrates how closely we listen and how with their help we make your dreams come true.


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