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Cliso hand print

For printing, spaCEiling uses only high quality UV and eco solvent ink completely approved for interior design printing.

spaCEiling photo print ceilings are only made to individual orders. We take all customer’s requests and aesthetic preferences into account. Prior to making the final product, we strongly recommend ordering a full-colour test print, i.e. a small colour proof sample offering a complete picture of the colour intensity in general.

Swiming pool sky print
Multi level ceiling

Current technologies (UV-printing) offer the possibility of printing images not only onto lighter shade films but also onto any colour films avoiding colour distortion of the image itself.


Photo print stretch ceilings and wall panels can be a real interior design attention grabber, an essential stylistic centerpiece. This is a perfect way to add a “missing” decorative element to your interior. Art ceilings make a good example of a harmonious combination of traditional ceiling paintings and state-of-the-art technologies.

Stretch ceiling  flower print


Double - Print

We are proudly announcing new arrival for unique projects. 

Spaceiling photo-print DAY-NIGHT stretch ceiling is a material with image printed on both sides other terms Double-Print: front side  (DAY) and the back side (NIGHT). The key point of the DAY-NIGHT technology you see (DAY) printed on the front side when the LED backlighting is off,  when the LED module lighting placed behind the ceiling is on, the image (NIGHT) printed on the back side becomes visible on front side.

Angel Double Print day side
Galaxy double print. Night side
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