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Stretch Ceiling

Lacquer finish has a mirror-like sheen for optimal light reflection. The Lacquer stretch ceiling finish is typically used to create striking and sophisticated environments.

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Stretch Ceiling

Satin finish produces an appearance similar to a perfectly flat conventional ceiling. Soft light reflection and pastel shades add a touch of classic-style elegance to any interior.

Sky star galaxy

Stretch Ceiling

Image from Catalogue_draft2 cloud, page

Art Print

Stretch Ceiling

Imagine any graphic imaginable, stretched across your ceiling or walls. Much cleaner and faster to install,

Spaceiling’s Design Art offers you the opportunity to

paint any picture on your canvas. The night sky’s the limit.

In 2000 Bernard Geis, founder of the CLIPSO group, successfully developed a wide-span unique fabric covering (polyurethane-coated polyester fabric) and installation systems.



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